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Thank you for visiting our School and Education Solutions. 

We believe in great service and products 

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What is it about Education and School Furniture that makes us different?

Having children that have gone through the School system and worked with some wonderful Teachers and Headteachers we listened to what they said and thought we can assist. The fabulous effort going into the Education of our children is important and having facilities that match the professionalism and enthusiasm is important

It isn't a surprise but a well lit and well thought out environment can stimulate and assist the teaching process.  We have curated a range of popular products along with some new ranges to make the whole process simple and professional.

Our range of School and Education furniture designed and thought out space can impact productivity and stimulate pupils.



Have you seen our range of environmental friendly Tambour Door cupboards, Secure and effective Storage?


Choose from our Range or Design your own


Just send us your Image and we'll do the rest and send a mock-up

Sales@homeandofficefurniture.co.uk or 01276 536255

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  Seating.  One of the most important investments you'll make. Remember we all come in different shapes and sizes and therefore having the right chair to work in is important. See our Chair guide here

Colour Choices. Colour has a significant effect on the psychology of the office, such as emotion and behaviour. You may have heard this all before but picking colours for your brand and design is important.

  • White. It is linked to cleanliness and can be sterile and is often used in large open spaces with dashes of colour.
  • Black. Conveys authority and when used as a complementary flavour it can perceive a luxurious workspace.
  • Purple. Is often described as the colour of ambition and is regarded as regal.
  • Green. Affiliated with balance, growth, and nature. Research also shows that it can improve your creative performance.
  • Blue. Perceived as one of the most productive colours. It can be used o often boost relaxation and intellectual thought.
  • Red. An emotionally intense colour that can raise mental energy flow and is ideal as furniture or added "pops" of colour

Natural Light.   We moved our office to get more natural light recently which is essential for circadian rhythms and not surprisingly vitamin D.

Plants/Plants/Plants.   We have all seen the studies and it is well-known plants reduce stress and clean the air. Think about low maintenance plants and if possible add to simple storage areas' (it stops items being left on cabinets etc). There are lots of companies providing a plant service but it's also good to encourage staff to look after the office.

Meeting Rooms. It has been reported that Managers spend 35% of their time in meetings and there are two trains of thought around this.

  • Create meeting rooms that are as productive as possible, eliminate distractions and use as much natural light as possible, use inspiring colours. Ensure that with online conferencing and meetings that technology is included.
  • Alternatively, ensure  rooms are functional as above but remember meetings can over-run, keep seating comfortable but not so much that everyone wants to "stay all day"

BreakOut Staff Rooms and Amenities. Providing staff with areas to talk, meet and catch up is important away from the classroom. Think about small break out spaces and social spaces. 



If you have questions or want a quote contact us 

Break Out Relax working installation Break Out Relax working installation

Our Service (it's a relationship thing)


We provide effective solutions for projects for Schools along with Homes and Offices, from site reviews to full installation. 

With our Partners, we can also:

  • Provide Unpacking and installation 

Whether it's a small facility or a full Site review, we can supply solutions to suit your budget.

Our Experts are available for an informal call or complete the contact us section below. 

Contact us for more information  01276 536255


Whether you are working in a small or large School we have a solution that works.



Other Solutions Available

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Frequent Asked Questions

We frequently get asked the following and most answers can be found on our recent Blogs SEE HERE

However, the most common questions are:

  • Can I match my existing products?
    • Call us so we can identify most brands and offer help or advice.
  • How long is Delivery
    • Well it depends on the products, it varies from a week to 4 weeks, but we will try and achieve your requirements. 
  • Do you charge for site visits?
    • We will discuss this with you, but try and minimise costs for customers.
  • Can I get my Cabinet repaired?
    • Contact us for help 
  • Can I get more keys
    • Yes we have a solution 
  • Do you take away rubbish from delivery?
    • On new products, we can deliver to a place of use and remove all waste packaging for recycling
  • Are products made sustainably?
    • We audit the source of products and can provide details on request

Brand New Products. Configure your own View More HERE