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Rapidly Transform Your Workspace at Home

In this era of dynamic work patterns, the lines between office and home are more blurred than ever. Our collection of Fast Delivery Home Office Desks offers the perfect blend of efficiency, style, and the expediency today's UK professionals crave. Whether you’re diving into remote work, pursuing a passion project, or simply looking to revamp your study, our range promises to cater to every unique need—with speed.

Why Opt for Our Quick Home Office Desks?

  1. Prompt Delivery: Understanding the urgency of setting up a home workspace, our commitment ensures that your selected desk reaches your doorstep in record time.

  2. Versatile Range: Our collection encompasses a myriad of designs, from compact writing tables for tight spaces to expansive workstations for those grand projects.

  3. British Craftsmanship: Each of our home office desks exudes impeccable British artistry, promising both aesthetics and longevity.

  4. Ease of Assembly: We recognise the value of time; thus, our desks come with user-friendly instructions, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Key Features of Our Home Office Desks:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from the finest materials, our desks not only look the part but also withstand the rigours of daily use.

  • Functional Designs: Prioritising ergonomics, every desk supports productive work hours, ensuring comfort and utility are at the forefront.

  • Space Savvy: From spacious surfaces to integrated storage solutions, our desks optimise the space, perfect for UK homes of all sizes.

  • Stylish Selection: Contemporary, classic, minimalistic, or bold – whatever your taste, find a desk that reflects your personal style.

Stay Ahead with Swift Desk Set ups Setups

As searches for "home office desks" soar, the demand for swift solutions becomes palpable. Our Fast Delivery Home Office Desks aim to meet this need, offering UK professionals a seamless transition to comfortable, efficient, and stylish home workspaces.

Reinvent the way you work from home. Dive into our collection and discover a desk that's more than just furniture—it's a statement, a partner, and a reflection of your professional ethos. Remember, with our Fast Delivery Home Office Desks, the future of work is not just near—it's already here, at your doorstep.


How to maintain your office furniture

The better you look after each piece of furniture, the longer you can expect to use it. Every material has a slightly different way that it should be cleaned, and it is worth taking note of this, so you don’t cause unnecessary damage.

  • Glass furniture should be cleaned regularly, and manufacturers recommend purchasing a glass cleaning solution to prevent leaving streaks and water marks.
  • Metal legged furniture including those with a chrome finish, should be polished regularly with a duster, since they are prone to collecting dust. If a deeper clean is required, a damp cloth and a touch of mild detergent will remove any marks. Wiping dry with a paper towel will create a beautifully shiny surface.
  • Metal filing cabinets tend to be light texture finish so wiping with a damp cloth and very light detergent may be necessary
  • Leather and other fabrics should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent them from fading. Leather should be deep cleaned using specialist leather products, but a slightly damp cloth will do for minor spills.
  • Fabric should always be treated as soon as a mark appears using a mild soap and damp cloth, but the area should never be saturated.
  • Keep wood furniture away from sources of intense heat or cold, such as heaters and air conditioners, since the extreme temperatures will cause the wood to warp. Also keep out of direct sunlight in order to keep the colour at its best. Wood should be polished with a dusting cloth.



Office Furniture Glossary

  • Anti-tilt mechanism:

This can be found on filing cabinets and is a mechanism that prevents you opening more than one drawer at a time, so that the unit doesn’t fall forward.

  • A4:

Standard size of paper used in the UK, A4 size is smaller than Foolscap

  • Bench desk:

A bench desk is one that is designed to be extended. This type of office desk helps to reduce costs and save space.

  • Bistro furniture:

This term usually relates to furniture that is designed for a canteen environment. Usually, plastic or metal materials are used for chairs, benches and tables, as they are easy to clean and maintain. While the chairs are not ergonomically designed like office chairs, they are sturdy and lightweight.

  • Break out furniture:

Informal areas for collaboration or breaks, the furniture includes meeting pods, high desks with stools and soft seating

  • CAD design:

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, and it works as a way to design the layout of your room before making any purchases.

  • Caster wheels:

Standard wheels go backwards and forwards, while caster wheels are able to move in any direction.

  • Cupboard;

A standard two door wood or metal storage cabinet usually supplied with shelves

  • Combination Unit;

A cabinet designed for different types of storage usually drawers and doors or drawers and tambours

  • Ergonomic:

This is to do with the way the furniture suits the individual to create a safe, comfortable working environment. While it is primarily linked to office chairs, other furniture plays a part in ensuring the health of the employees.

  • FIRA Certified:

FIRA stands for the Furniture Industry Research Association which awards its certification to pieces of furniture that they consider to be high-quality.

  • Fire retardant:

In the case of furniture, this means that the material has been treated with a substance that reduces its ability to catch fire. Most furniture fabrics are tested to British standard BS5852.

  • Flat-packed:

This refers to furniture that requires self-assembly when it arrives.

  • Foolscap:

The next size up from A4 size paper. Most storage cabinets are designed for A4 or Foolscap size

  • Gas-lift chair:

A gas-lift function allows a user to easily adjust the height of a chair

  • Height Adjustable Desk.

Desks that are adjustable in height either by a motor or by a manual lever. Desks can adjust from 65cm to over 1.2m high

  • Laptop table:

This is a lightweight, slim design table that is usually lower than an ordinary desk.

  • Lateral file:

A filing cabinet that is wider than is deep to allow for side to side filing, typically come in widths of 30”, 36” and 42”.

  • Leather effect:

While real leather furniture can be extremely expensive, furniture finished with a leather effect can give the same executive impression at a fraction of the price. Leather effect is usually made from synthetic materials.

  • Leather-faced:

Furniture made with a leather-faced finish, has a thin layer of leather over the top of other, cheaper materials.

  • Locking:

items supplied with locking solutions

  • Lumbar support:

A standard available option on a good quality task chair that provides support for the lower back.

  • Modesty panel:

On a desk, the modesty panel is a thin section of wood placed underneath the main working area that is intended to shield the lower body from view.

  • Pedestal:

The cabinet that sits below a desk, these can be fixed to the desk or mobile (on castors)

  • Sit-stand desk:

see Height adjustable desks.

  • Solid wood:

This material is considered the best quality and is the most expensive Crafted completely of wood, each piece of furniture is unique, thanks to the various grains and markings from the tree.

  • Tambour:

A cupboard with sliding doors

  • Task Chair:
    A type of office chair. It is generally comfortable and adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees.
  • Wood effect:

Furniture that has been labelled has having a wood effect finish is usually manufactured completely of recycled board with a veneer finish.

  • Veneer:

Thin layer finish on products in various colours.

  • Vertical File:
    A filing cabinet that is deeper than it is wide, in which records can only be stored front to back.
  • Wall Mount:
    Refers to the installation of systems furniture pieces that are mounted directly to a drywall partition, rather than hung from a furniture panel.
  • Wardrobe Cabinet:
    A personal storage unit in a workspace designed to hold a coat, jacket, or other hanging items.
  • Wire Management:
    Characteristics of a piece of furniture that conceal wires and power chords from view.
  • Workstation:
    A table or desk with three-sided partition around it, usually made for individual work.
  • Wave (or radial) desk:

An ordinary desk that has an extra wide section on one side. This gives extra workspace if required.